Development of systems based on artificial neural networks

Envolvement at each stage of project implementation  including pre-project domain area investigation and up to support during usage our system in production

Data collection and datasets processing which are required to train artificial neural networks used in IT-soluttions

–Team experienced in IT-solutions creation of wide range of complexity which are based on artificial neural networks for industrial applications

–Implementation systems for custom industrial applications including architecture optimization of artificial neural networks for custom applications

Consulting in design and implementation of IT solutions which complexity varies from intellectual sensors to complex multicomponent systems

Partnership with leading regional Universities and participation in Federal innovation programs


Why our customers trust us?

We see our mission in adaptation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for application in wide rage of industries. Filling the gap between pure technology itself and demands and buiseness requirements of our customers our team helps to automate business in areas which previously performed manually.

The list of technologies which are used in our solution includes computer vision, face identity, short term forecasts, speech recognition, intelligent diagnostics and some other.

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Free pre-project consulting

Having some experience in integration into our customers IT solutions based on machine learning technologies we know that the major obstacle in production application of new technologies is lack of knowlege how can they improve business, how they can be smoothly integrated in existing business processes and production lines.

Our customers consulting helps to choose important aspects in thier business appropriate for effective usage machine learning thechnologies. We also help to manage custom solutions implementation projects to make the start of usage ML technologies as risk-free as possible.

You can order free pre-project consulting to find out how our technologies may help your business.
Being industrial production we don't have employes with skills in machine learning or artificail neural networks. When we faced necessity to integrate in our production computer vision thechnology which detects staff whithout helmets using CCTV cameras we realized need to outsource the project. EcoSmart is our relyable partner which has integrated this system in our production processes and well understands our business conserns and priorities at every stage of the project.
The system helps us completely elliminate facts of safety precautions violation making our production even more safe.